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Joe S.

Top shelf BBQ that’s clearly crafted with a sincere love for all things food. Whether it be the tender and tasty brisket, the bomb banana pudding, or the kick-ass scratch-made baked beans, you can tell that this a team of people who care about bringing amazing food to the public. Quality ingredients, well-executed dishes, and generous portions highlight this new arrival to Portland. This will continue to be my weekend go-to for all my BBQ needs

Jerahn R.

Thanks to Lawless BBQ and their kind owner from Kansas City, I finally understand what it means to have AMAZING BBQ; the kind of BBQ that tastes like the pride that comes along with it. My partner and I shared two meals and were literally licking their made from scratch BBQ sauces off of our fingers. So far we have only tried 2 of the 4 Lawless signature sauces, but give us a week. Get the brisket, get the ribs, get the pulled pork, choose any of the sides and do yourself a favor and get the banana pudding. You’ll be stuffed, but you’ll be happy you did.

Cody D.

I’m so glad I found Lawless BBQ! I love bbq food and it’s really hard to find something this good in Portland. So far I’ve tried the the brisket burnt ends, the brisket, the ribs and the wings and they all 11/10 great. The smoke level is perfect, all of them were so tender and juicy, and the sauce was just right. I’d also highly recommend the waffle fries and the banana pudding. Truly delicious stuff!!


Meal was nicely packaged and neat. Added some suckers as a treat and a wet wipe. Good size extra condiments. Cheese, sour cream, jalapeños. The chili was exactly what I was craving and a good size portion.


Did they sell their souls for this recipe? I had their brisket tacos. The brisket was beautifully cooked, but the real game changer was the sauce choice. The salsa, sour cream, and cheese dip paired wonderfully with the brisket in a way that made me change the way I look at tacos.

Kaia O.

This place was quite delicious! I really enjoyed how lean the pulled pork was. I also enjoyed the mustard and bbq sauce for dipping- both tangy and bomb. The Mac n cheese left a little to be desired, was missing a little spice game pizzazz and didn’t exactly taste homemade, a bit generic. My boyfriend had the pork carnitas tacos which were a DREAM. Sooooooooo goooooood. Probably the best tacos we’ve both ever had. Overall- great new place! Would be 5 stars but I get disappointed when a bbq restaurant doesn’t have fire Mac n cheese.

David M.

Great BBQ and great sides.  We had the BBQ pork sandwich, half rack of ribs, queso and chips, baked beans, and fries. Honestly, this is seriously tasty food in good quantity with no disappointments so far.  I do wish I had skipped the (standard waffle) fries for more of those beans!  And I’m so glad to finally have a decent source of queso in town.  Order a spare tub of BBQ sauce, you won’t regret it.

Ellen C.

The best barbecue in Portland! That pulled pork shoulder on the Texas toast with the waffle fries is where it’s at!

Nathan P.

Brisket. Brisket. Brisket. BABY!

Dude – this is legit BBQ. I saw these guys pop-up on UberEats, and I had also seen them put their banner in their window when they launched this kitchen. It’s not a typical restaurant or food pod. It’s actually a take-out and delivery kitchen only. You can order online and come and pickup the food or have it delivered.

I ordered the brisket sandwich. Tender, smoky, perfect simple dry rub (with the exact amount of saltiness) brisket. Soft bun; tangy sauce. Oh man…I’m going to have meat dreams about this one.

The staff on site handing off the orders was super friendly. You login for your order on an iPad and then they hand it to you! The owner of Lawless was there and gave me a sneak peak of his kitchen and the smoker. He said to get his meats real tender, we smokes them for over 16 hours! Next time I’m getting the ribs, they looked incredible.

We’re so lucky to have this spot in Portland. I also heard they’re going to do catering. I know what I’m ordering for my next Super Bowl party :-).

Highly recommended!

Elizabeth S.

This was our first time with this restaurant and now it’s going to be our go-to BBQ.  It’s a bit far from our house, so it’s harder to keep things hot.  We’re looking forward to dining in person when it opens back up.

The brisket was so moist!  We ordered the rib/brisket dinner (excellent), the chili-covered nacho’s (excellent with lots of chili) and the pulled pork sandwich (excellent – no gristle or fat).  The sides were very good as well.  The baked beans were the best I’ve had (they have pulled meat in them).  The potato salad was very good and fresh and my husband said the cole-slaw was great.  We also had the banana pudding which was excellent.

Overall, the flavors were really good and I could tell the ingredients were fresh and high quality.

Loved it.