Elizabeth S.
This was our first time with this restaurant and now it's going to be our go-to BBQ.  It's a bit far from our house, so it's harder to keep things hot.  We're looking forward to dining in person when it opens back up. The brisket was so moist!  We ordered the rib/brisket dinner (excellent), the chili-covered nacho's (excellent with lots of chili) and the pulled pork sandwich (excellent - no gristle or fat).  The sides were very good as well.  The baked beans were the best I've had (they have pulled meat in them).  The potato salad was very good and fresh and my husband said the cole-slaw was great.  We also had the banana pudding which was excellent. Overall, the flavors were really good and I could tell the ingredients were fresh and high quality. Loved it.