Nathan P.
Brisket. Brisket. Brisket. BABY! Dude - this is legit BBQ. I saw these guys pop-up on UberEats, and I had also seen them put their banner in their window when they launched this kitchen. It's not a typical restaurant or food pod. It's actually a take-out and delivery kitchen only. You can order online and come and pickup the food or have it delivered. I ordered the brisket sandwich. Tender, smoky, perfect simple dry rub (with the exact amount of saltiness) brisket. Soft bun; tangy sauce. Oh man...I'm going to have meat dreams about this one. The staff on site handing off the orders was super friendly. You login for your order on an iPad and then they hand it to you! The owner of Lawless was there and gave me a sneak peak of his kitchen and the smoker. He said to get his meats real tender, we smokes them for over 16 hours! Next time I'm getting the ribs, they looked incredible. We're so lucky to have this spot in Portland. I also heard they're going to do catering. I know what I'm ordering for my next Super Bowl party :-). Highly recommended!